The Endowment Fund

For the last 57 years, the guild has provided regular support to the sisters to carry out their ministry to the sick and the poor, so with the eye towards the future, we wish to continue that mission for the next 57 years. Currently, the sisters rely on the generosity of the members of the guild. However, with an aging membership base, economic recession and members other commitment, it is hard to promise the sisters the steady cash flow they need. So with the creation of an endowment fund it is our sincere hope that the sisters can depend on a permanent source of funding to fulfill their mission.

If anyone would like to be a part of this legacy, please contact Matt Hansen, an estate planning attorney from Alvarado Smith Law Firm, who has agreed to help us set up the endowment fund. His contact information is T. Matthew Hansen, 213-619-7016 or 213-229-2400 or mhandsen@alvaradosmith.com